Trend Micro SPN Hadoop Overview

講者:張雅芳 Mammi Chang,SPN Infrastructure Developer,Trend Micro

講題:Trend Micro SPN Hadoop Overview


In Trend Micro SPN, we have been doing big-data on Hadoop platform for years. During the years, SPN have developed an integral life cycle on maintaining Trend Micro Hadoop (TMH). In this talk, I would like to share overall story of SPN TMH, which include the TMH background, development, deployment & management, and profiling. 

At first, I will mention about the real-world requirements of our long-running Hadoop cluster. And what we attempt to meet our needs. Then, I am going to introduce how we do TMH development process and what development tools we use. After that, we will go through different phase testing procedures before upgrade on our Production TMH cluster.

In the second part, I will demonstrate through new TMH version deployment and Hadoop platform management with one of SPN project called Hadooppet. We use Hadooppet to help on automatic deployment and centralized management with SPN TMH platform.

In the end, I would like to talk about the profiling mechanism of TMH. We apply Ganglia, Nagios, and Splunk to assist on administrate of TMH cluster. Finally, a briefly conclusion and short Q&A section is welcome!
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